Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival – Review of Social Media Campaign

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

The event did a great job at promoting their social media efforts, but there were things they could have done to make the campaign more successful.  My numbers indicate they only obtained 242 new Twitter followers from the event.  If they had promoted their Twitter campaign they could have increased their followership and expanded their social media campaign efforts.

The points below are based on what I saw before, during, and after the event; my opinions are my own for a class assignment and not a knock against the organization and the promotional efforts they have made.


  • Promoted the hashtag ‘#BSOMF’ on video screens to the left & right hand side of each stage within Spencer Smith Park.
  • Social media efforts promoted on their website and smartphone application.  Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and RSS icons demonstrated.

Smartphone Screen Capture

  • Twitter and Facebook accounts were active during the event.  They were retweeting, interacting with users, and a number of photos were uploaded to Facebook throughout the event.  They promoted smaller acts off of the main two stages, asked questions, and posted photos on both platforms.
  • Attractive and easy to navigate website promoted social media activity,  also  mentioned their social media efforts in the contact section.
  • The website had incredible content including artist information, a guest information area, a photo/video gallery, schedule, as well as information as to how to get involved.   The site also contained a media guide packed with information regarding the history of the festival and the business side of the event.
  • The blog section was updated with some consistency prior to the event.


  • Did not promote the hashtag ‘#BSOMF’ anywhere in Burlington’s downtown, I only saw the #BSOMF on the video screens.  Here is an example of what they could have done to utilize available marketing space and promote their social media campaign.

Example of what BSOMF could have done to utilize marketing potential

  • Being a main focal point as guests enter the event, social media efforts were not visible at the entrances to the festival.

  • Print materials did not include social media efforts.  Hand-outs incorporated a QR Code with the schedule, but they could have used them to also promote  their social media campaign.

  • Have videos available for Thursday through Saturday but never posted a Sunday (closing day) video showing a lack of consistency and a dedication to the YouTube portion of their campaign.  It would have been great to drive people back to the page after the event as well as for promotion of future events.
  • No event related blog posts before, during, or after the event.
  • Promoted the #BSOMF thread but didn’t promote the @BSOMF account.
  • They could have had brief video interview clips posted on Twitter prior to artists going on stage to promote their timeslots as well as interact with fans and visitors.  Something similar to this clip with USS from BSOMF 2010.
  • Have hosts between acts promote the social media efforts.  “We are live on Twitter”
  • “Photo of the Day” competition for all the main acts to increase numbers to main stages as well as engage Twitter followers.
  • Promote the hashtag ‘#BSOMF’ and @BSOMF account on all print material.
  • No cross reference between social media platforms to promote the other social media efforts.
  • Incorporate Twitter feed on to video screens to interact with visitors and engage the fans. 

  • Incorporate Facebook and Twitter feeds into the main webpage


They did a great job with their social media efforts, had strong engagement, remained active, posted relevant content, and were highly interactive.  The main downside was in the promotion of their social media efforts/campaign, especially the promotion of the hashtag #BSOMF.

The event was a success and I look forward to next year!


  1. I missed the event this year, but sounds like it was a lot of fun!
    Some great ideas there for what they could do in the future. I like the video clips/interviews idea. People love behind-the-scenes stuff and it would be a good idea to live tweet the event so people could follow along. And promoting that hashtag is a big one – like that you’ve already got the ball rolling with next year’s hashtag!

  2. I was there for a few of the days and saw a few people using the Twitter hashtag throughout the weekend. I agree with Kristin, great recommendations on how they could have promoted the social media aspect of the festival better. When I saw the video screens promoting the hashtag I wondered if this was the first year they’ve tried something like this? I don’t remember them ever engaging with social media in the past…

  3. I missed this years as well. Is it part of the City of Burlington? I cannot seem to confirm whether it is or isn’t. It looks like it is not as their is not city logos. Interestingly enough, if it is, the head of events at the City of Burlington is taking the PR program at MAC and is in my intro class. I believe, if I am not mistaken that they cannot post directly, it has to go through the communications department, which is separate from events, this would cause issues in terms of twitter promotion. Great post and recommendations.

  4. No, it is registered as a not-for-profit organization but generates money for local charaties. there may be some affiliation, but they’re not directly the lead stakeholder. I’d imagine that they receive a large amount of funding from the lcoal government as the event generates a lot of money for local businesses. Also it is held in a public park, police services are required, and there are street closures….so I’d assume they work hand-in-hand but act as seperate entities.

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